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Do you really understand TWS headphones?

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

1.What is TWS headset?

TWS is True Wireless Stereo.

2.Based on the development of chip, Bluetooth technology, TWS headphones without the traditional physical wire, left and right 2 headphones through Bluetooth to form a stereo system, cell phones connected to a receiver can, this receiver will be the stereo sound through wireless transmission to another receiver, composed of stereo system.

The current mainstream noise cancellation technology for TWS headphones are ANC noise cancellation, ENC noise cancellation, DSP noise cancellation, CVC noise cancellation.

ANC noise reduction, using active noise reduction technology, is also hardware noise reduction, the principle is that the microphone collects the external environmental noise, and then the system transforms into an inverse sound wave added to the speaker end, so as to achieve sensory noise reduction.

ENC is the environmental noise reduction technology, which can effectively suppress 90% of the reverse environmental noise, thus reducing the environmental noise up to 35dB or more, and removing all kinds of interference noise in the environment.

DSP noise reduction is mainly for high and low frequency noise, and the noise reduction principle is similar to ANC noise reduction.

CVC is the call software noise reduction technology, mainly for the echo generated during the call.

3.What are the main features of TWS?

The main features of TWS headphones are.

(1) truly wireless: abandon the headset wire tangled troubles

WS Bluetooth headphones do not need a wired connection, get rid of the traditional headphones wired; left and right 2 headphones through Bluetooth to form a stereo system, listening, talking, wearing have been enhanced. If you add to professional acoustic pickup technology, intelligent noise reduction technology & AI algorithm noise reduction technology, etc., you can achieve the perfect sound experience: ear to ear voice, video calls, music enjoyment, mountain climbing and running, safe driving, etc. are not tied up.

(2) Binaural stereo sound: enhance the sound quality and improve call quality

From the perspective of the product, the audio and video experience on the TWS headset is the focus of most user attention, so the noise cancellation function is an essential technology for TWS.

(3) Multiple perception: enhance user experience and create intelligent voice

TWS headset in 2018 crazy development era has experienced semi-intelligent headsetization this road. Many of the original Bluetooth chip in version 5.0 to do the upgrade, embedded serial flash memory, can be more flexible customer software upgrades, support third-party software porting; with the original ecology or content provided (audio content, headlines, health information, financial news, sports information, etc.) party to open its port, in fact, in the content of this piece of great promise.

(4) Compact size: comfortable to wear, convenient to use, easy to carry.

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